Camo Creek Rabbitry

Located in Yamhill Oregon.


*** BUCK's***

Hillside Acre's Persey   *6 Legs. Registered Grand Champion! SOLD

Sr, Broken Sable, Mini Lop, Buck.          DOB: December 26. 2015                       

Sire: Camo's Boss Hog (Broken Sable Chinchilla) RGC 9 legs   Dam: GML Ebay (Sable)

Winnings: 1st/5 broken Jr Bucks. 5/21/2016 Crazy 8 spring show. Oregon *1st leg

                     9/17/2016. Redmond, Oregon. High Desert Hop. Show A, BSB's 1st, BOV, BOSB. 2nd Leg

                     9/17/2016. Redmond, Oregon. High Desert Hop. Show B. BSB's. 1/4.

                   9/23/16/ Grants pass, Or. CARCA Friday A. 

                9/24.16. Grants pass, Or. CARCA Sat A.   1/4. BOSV. * 3rd leg and Grand Champion Eligible

                9/24/16.  Grants Pass. Or. CARCA Sat B. 1/4. BOSV  Great comments  *4th Leg

                10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat A) DQ'd for being a tad over weight   Cathy Szychulda

               10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat B) 1st, BOV, BOB, HONORABLE MENTION FOR BIS. *5th leg *Registered. Brian Coates

                1/28/2017. Saint Helens, Or. Sat A) 1st, BOSV, BOSB. *6th Leg. cathy dunkle


Sr, Blue Silver tipped steel, ML, Buck.             DOB: July 3rd 2016

Sire: Camo's Pecos Bill (Broken Smoke Pearl) 1 leg      Dam: GP's Dafne (Blue silver tipped steel)


 9/17/2016. Redmond, Oregon. High Desert Hop. Show A. SJB's. 1/1. Great comments.  YOUNG

9/17/2016. Redmond, Oregon. High Desert Hop. Show B. SJB's. 1/1.  Great Comments.  YOUNG

9/23/16. Grants pass, Or. CARCA Friday. SJB's. 2/2. great comments.

9/24/16. Grants pass, Or. CARCA Sat A. SJB's. 1/2.?  Needs to mature/promising.
9/24/16. Grants pass, Or. CARCA Sat B. SJB's 1/2.? Promising, don't throw away.


 10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat A. SJB's. 1st/7  *1st LEG.  Cathy Szychulda

 10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat B. SJB's. 1st, BOSV. *2nd LEG.  Brian Coates


  1/27/17. St Helens, Or. Friday show. SSB's. 1st place. * 3rd Leg. Ted Deloyla

  1/28/17. St Helens, Or. Saturday show. SSB's Show B) 1st, BOV, BOSB. * 4th Leg. Roger Hassenpflug


  2/18/17. Astoria, Or. Saturday. Show A) SSB's. 1st, BOV. *5th Leg. Kelly Slack.

3/18/17. Chehalis, WA. Show C) SSB's. 1st Place. *6th Leg. Judge: Melissa McGee

4/8/17. Oregon St. Convention. Show B) 1st SSB, BOSV. * 7th leg. Judge:  Tracey Gouette

4/9/17. Oregon St. Convention. Show C) 1st Place SSB.  *8th Leg.  Judge:  Kellijo Youngreen


Camo's SPADE  *Registered  * co owned with Diamond Bar Rabbitry

Sr, Broken Smoke Pearl, ML, Buck.            DOB: August 8th 2016

Sire: Camo's Pecos Bill (Broken Smoke Pearl)   X  Camo's Timber (Black Chinchilla)


10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat A) 6/10 Cathy Szychulda

10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat B) 8/10 Brian Coates

1/28/17. St. Helens Or. Sat A) 1st place. Cathy Dunkle

1/28/17. st. Helens, Or. Sat B) 1st Place. Roger Hassenpflug

Camo's Branch *3 Legs  SOLD

Sr, Blue, Mini Lop, Buck.                 DOB: December 5th, 2016
Sire: Camo's Chevy (Blue Silver Tipped Steel) 8 Legs RGC   
Dam: Woolman's Chastity (Broken Blue Chinchilla) 2 Legs
3/18/17. Chehalis Wa. Show B) 1st, SJB, BOSV, BOSB. *1st Leg 1st show. Judge: George Germain
3/18/17. Chehalis Wa. Show C) 1st, SJB, BOSV. *2nd Leg. Judge: Melissa Mcgee
5/20/17. Canby, Oregon. Show A) SJB. 1st, BOV, BOB of 42. *3rd Leg.  -Judge: Alan Ormond/Ramie Grissom

Camo's Wolf Of Wall street

Jr, Chestnut, Mini lop, Buck.                       DOB: March 10th. 2017
Sire: Camo's Spade (Broken Smoke Pearl)           Dam: Milkhouses Elsa (Chocolate Chestnut)

*** DOE's***

Woolman's Chastity   *2 Legs  Registered! HOLD

Sr, Broken Blue Chinchilla, Mini Lop, Doe.            DOB: 4/1/2016

Sire: Woolman's King (Broken Black Tort)     Dam: Camo's Cupcake (Blue Chinchilla)


10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat A. 3/7. Cathy Szychulda

10/29/16.  McMinnville, Or.  Sat B. BSD's Class. 1st in class/8. *1st Leg. (Registered) Brian Coates
1/28/17/ St Helens, Or. Sat, B) 1st, BSD, BOV, BOB. *2nd Leg. Roger Hassenpflug

Camo's Cinnamon Spice  1 Leg. Registered HOLD

Sr, chestnut, ML, Doe.                  DOB: July 2nd, 2016

Sire: Velotta's Cayuse (Cream) 1 leg                Dam: Camo's Posh Chick (Chestnut)


2/18/17. Show B Astoria, Or. 1st SSD. BOSV. Judge: Ray Stacy

2/19/17. Show C. Astoria, Or. 1st, SSD. Judge: Tracy Gouette

3/18/17. Chehalis Wa. Show C)  1st SSD. BOV, BOB. Judge: Melissa McGee 1st Leg.

Camo's Whiskey Lulliby

Camo's Cattnis SOLD

Camo's Charm

Jr, Chestnut, Mini lop, Doe.               DOB: March 8th. 2017
Sire: Hillside Acre's Persey (Broken Sable) RGC          Dam: Milkhouse's Yummy (Broken Blk Gold TPD steel)

Milkhouse's Charlotte  *1 Leg HOLD

Sr, Broken Black Gold Tipped Steel, Mini lop Doe.             DOB: March 16, 2016
Sire: LHHR's Urban Well  (Broken Choc Chestnut)      Dam: Milkhouse's Shell (Black)

Camo's Princess Poppy

Jr, Broken Blue, Mini lop, Doe.                    DOB: December 5th 2016
Sire: Camo's Chevy (Blue S Tpd Steel) 4 legs       Dam: Woolman's Chastity (Blue Chinchilla) 2 legs


5/20/17. Show A. 2nd/7. Judge: Alan Ormond

5/20.17. Show B. 2nd/7. Judge: Jeff

Camo's Flicka      2 LEGS

Jr, Seal, Mini Lop, Doe.                   DOB: 1/2/17

Sire: Hillside Acre's Persey (Broken Sable) RGC         Dam: BH's Sparkling (Black)


5/20/17. Crazy 8 Canby, Or.  Show A. 2nd/7. Judge: Alan Ormond

5/20.17. Crazy 8 Canby Or.  Show B. 2nd/7. Judge: Jeff

6/10/17. LCRBA Astoria, Or. Show A. 1st, SJD, BOV & BOB. *judge Mary whitney/Rammie Grissom *1st Leg

6/10/17. LCRBA Astoria, Or. Show B. 1st, SJD, BOV & BOSB! *Judge Don. MI. *2nd Leg.


LHHR's Shade

Sr, Opal, Mini Lop, Doe.                                 DOB: July, 26, 2016
Sire: Ragin/Velotta's Ace (Black Chinchilla) RGC 12 legs      Dam: LHHR's Karley (Opal) Reg 3 Legs


Jr, Sable Chinchilla, Mini Lop, Doe.                          DOB: Jan. 12. 17



DTL's Obsession

Sr, Tort, Holland Lop, Buck.                     DOB: 11/7/15

Sire:  DTL's William The Bloody (Tort)     Dam: RR649 Pepsi (Tort)

Shady Dell's  Annabelle

Sr, Sable Point, Holland Lop, Doe.                 DOB: 12/14/12016

Sire:  Legendary Beafires (Broken Sable Point)      Dam: Bunnies in Bows Sara (Sable Point)

Current shows we will be attending!

Western Frontier rabbit and cavy show.

Astoria, Oregon. ARBA

June 13th -15

National Convention.

Portland, Oregon. ARBA