Camo Creek Rabbitry

Located in Yamhill Oregon.

  Raising Quality Pedigreed Mini Lop Rabbits Since 2010 by the ARBA Standard of Perfection

      (No LONGER RAISING REX or American fuzzy lop RABBITS)

                   Located in yamhill, Oregon.


              Last updated:  September 29th, 2017



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Camo Creek TOYS LLC

Camo Creek Toys LLC is an Oregon Licensed Small business I Created. I hand make and distribute over 20 Models of Edible Rabbit toys. If you have any questions regarding these products feel free to message me further.
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A peek into my barn.

My rabbitry consists of 30 holes (Cages) for the Main part of raising my herd, and a handful of cages set aside for quarantine.

Size of cages:

* For the Mini lops I use cages that range in size from 24X24X18, 24X30X18, to 36X36X18.

*And for the Holland Lops I use cages that are 18X24X18, 18X36X18, 24X24X18 and 36X36X18 for mothers with litters.

* Each rabbit should have its own cage.  I try to never leave two rabbits together past the ages of 3 months. I do not promote over crowding. Usually by 2 months old the rabbits should be weaned from mom and separated into (Bucks VS Doe's) groups. As the age of 3 months approaches a rabbits sexual organs begin to develop. leaving a buck and a doe together or even two bucks or two does together often ends in fights and battle wounds.

*I very much recommend giving your rabbits their own dwellings. But if you would like to keep a bonded pair together, I recommend making it two sibling DOE's that have never been separated. Even then you will need to keep a close eye on them the first year of their lives. watch for chasing and hair pulling.

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Camo Creek Toys LLC 

Camo Creek Rabbit Toys are hand made with the greatest of attention. All are edible and some have high motion capability for the rabbits who enjoy active play :)

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